Brain and Spinal Injury: Why You Should Protect Your Rights Now

Brain and Spinal Cord Injury recovery necessitates that an appropriately experienced

Toronto lawyer be at your side. 


Second to immediate medical care and injury stability after an accident, is professional, experienced, legal support. While it is expected that legal advice is the last thing on anyone's mind, it is a necessary and time sensitive imperative to the long-term recovery, future wellness and quality of life rights of the injured person, and their family and support network, especially if a brain and spinal cord injury lawyer in Toronto is required.

The Extent of Brain and Spinal Cord Trauma Is Sometimes Unknown Upon Initial Diagnosis

Secondary symptoms may not appear for months or longer and may require extended treatments, and social and emotional therapies in addition to physical. To ensure that you or a loved one have the sufficient resources to access the best care available, it is important to protect the patient's future financial rights from the onset.

Protection from Unforeseen Side Effects

It is not uncommon for symptoms such as memory loss, impaired judgment and personality changes to arise a year later. Dizzy spells, balance issues, along with anxiety and depression are also possible side effects from the original trauma. For these reasons, it is highly recommended to have the patient's future rights properly protected by legal expertise familiar with brain and spinal cord injury cases.

Choose Your Legal Support Team with the Same Scrutiny as Medical Treatment and Therapies

A legal team that is experienced with brain and spinal cord injury cases will know exactly how to navigate through government departments and paperwork, insurance policies and processes, and legal precedents; all on your behalf, and with no up-front cost.

Timing is Everything

Find legal support right away. Benefits can begin as quickly as one week after the accident; allowing your family to focus on the patient's recovery with a clear and settled state of mind. Financial concerns are the last distraction the patient and his or her support network needs during a time of crisis.

Working with an Insurance Company

Your claim represents an expense to their for-profit business. Identifying a reason to deny a claim is one of the functions of the claims department and their representatives, so it is imperative that you retain legal counsel to ensure that your best interests are represented and everyone's rights are preserved. Preparing and submitting statements of claim and interviews with both the insurers involved should always be engaged with a lawyer's advisory.

Many Accidents Involve Negligence

Brain and spinal cord injuries can be catastrophic. Since negligence is not always direct and obvious to the injured or their caregivers, an experienced legal team knows what to look for, what questions to ask and where to dig for the root causes of the accident. Whether the injury location was at work, in a public space or on the road, at home, or on private property, there is an inherent safety and security responsibility that applies. Keen and experienced legal professionals are your best advocates to preserve your family's future.
While early legal advice is highly recommended, it is never too late for a free consultation related to symptoms from a prior injury. Likewise, if you have a denied claim, engage an experienced legal advisor to deal directly with the insurance company or government agency involved. Reputable firms will cover legal costs up front and are paid when your claims or suit are settled.

Get the legal help your family deserves. Quality medical care, a focus on recovery
and peace of mind are always the priority.